In the current pandemic, earphones are the most needed device after masks. Especially for executives and staff, even students also really need this small device. The reason is, earphones have various functions, in addition to their initial function for making calls to listening to music, now meeting and learning activities are also online.

Because of its importance, buying earphones is arguably not easy. Earphones will be used all day and anywhere. You should pay attention to these six things before buying earphones so you don’t regret it later.

1. Don’t be tempted by cheap prices

Don’t judge an item by its price. But a lot of goods according to the price, the more expensive the better but not always like that too. Now many earphones are sold at low prices. Cheap earphones are very eye-catching and most in demand.

But unfortunately, it turns out that not all cheap earphones are of good quality. So, you should be wary if you find earphones at very cheap prices. It could be, a month or two months of using damaged earphones. Do you regret it?

You could say, earphones are the most needed devices today after smartphones. The reason is, earphones have various functions, ranging from being used to make calls to being used to listen to music.

Because of its importance, buying earphones is arguably not easy. You should pay attention to these six things before buying earphones so you don’t regret it later.

2. Know your needs

The low price or unique shape certainly attracts many people who have just bought earphones. If you want to buy earphones, the main thing you need to pay attention to is the need and comfort.

So, if you need earphones to listen to music while jogging, for example, then buy one with a cable and not too long. There is a cable not without reason because when jogging prone to fall due to shock. But if you have more budget then buy wireless earphones that are specifically intended to accompany jogging activities.

3. Always check the specifications of the earphones you want to buy

Standard thing but many people don’t do it, before buying earphones, you should first check the specifications. The goal, so as not to regret when you buy it, it turns out the specifications are below average.

Check the technical specifications of the earphones before buying, such as the impedance level, which serves to stem the flow of electric voltage. In addition, also check the sensitivity level, response frequency, and drivers aka the ability of the earphones to produce sound. Check the reviews on the earphones to be purchased.

The bitrate level on the earphones is checked more thoroughly. If the bitrate is small, don’t buy it, because this feature is very important to regulate how good the sound is.

4. Don’t be easily tempted by certain features or specifications

Like gadgets or smartphones, most people like to be tempted or adore a certain feature in earphones that they think is the best. For example, the noise-canceling feature.

Sounds interesting, but earphones with this feature are not always the best. This feature in earphones can degrade audio quality and remove some details from the song you are playing.

Earphones with these special features are usually also not suitable if you often use earphones when driving. Earphones are soundproof around you so you can’t hear the sound of cars or other vehicles around you and this is very dangerous because it can cause accidents while driving!

5. Understand the shape of your ears

The shape of the human ear is different from one another. If the shape of the earphones that you want to buy is not appropriate or not ergonomic, then don’t buy it! You see, if you’re not careful, earphones that aren’t ergonomic can even hurt your ears. You don’t want something like this to happen to you, do you?

It is recommended, buy earphones with soft nestles. Because earphones with nestle aka soft rubber pads are very safe for the ears and guaranteed not to hurt then you use earphones with plastic base materials.

6. Research before buying earphones is a must, especially about the brand

Now a lot of fake earphones in the name of a well-known brand. For example, Beats Audio brand earphones. The brand is so famous that many fake products are bearing its name on the market. Make sure you can tell which one is real or fake.

It’s easiest to see from the price. Beats Audio earphones are almost always priced in the hundreds of thousands to millions of prices. So, if there are earphones with well-known and premium brands like Beats Audio priced at low prices, then you must be vigilant and don’t buy them!

Those are the six things you need to pay attention to before buying new earphones. Don’t be wrong and confused again when you want to buy new earphones, so you don’t regret it later!