A Brief Information about Resident Evil 8: Village

Resident Evil 8: Village allows you to prepare yourself. This horror gameplay is now available for each individual soon. The following information can update you about it.

Its Release Date

The releasing date becomes the only thing you should expect. The game will be launched on May 7, 2021. It is getting closer even from what you expect.

Its showcase presents you with some details about what is in the game. You can see that Ethan returns and heads to rescue his daughter. It is set in a place that is quite similar to Romania.

He has to save her from Lady Dimitrescu, a giant vampire lady. You can know about its details by reading about Resident Evil Village.

Ready on PS4 and Xbox One. Although there is a slight change from its initial, you can still enjoy it. The developer held its launch at the same time.


There is good news for you who are a fan of horror gameplay. This game will involve you in a terrifying setting.

The Demo

Apart from the releasing date, you should not miss its demo. You can access it now using a PS5. This spring, you may enjoy Resident Evil 8: Village multi platform demo.

There is a recommended demo called Maiden. Its visual showcase takes you around 20 minutes. So, you can experience combat taste in the castle located in the game.

The demo enables you to get an introduction to some characters. You can learn a slight about the game setting too.

It makes you get the feel of the game visual and audio. It is a short opening about the combat-free setting. Once you know about the demo, you want to get the actual game.

The Story

This gameplay is a sequel of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. It says that this game becomes the end of Resident Evil 7. It will present you with the entire ongoing story.

The plot mainly focuses on Ethan. It tells about his journey in saving his daughter. He has to rescue her in a mysterious castle.

He has to fight against the kidnapper, Chris Redfield, and Lady Dimitrescu. Both are trying to stop Ethan during the game.

It is not clear which enemy wants his daughter. However, Ethan and Mia, his wife, have to struggle to save her. Their effort in Resident Evil 8: Village includes saving her from the mold infection that caught both.

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