Alienware Area-51m is a Gaming Laptop Monster

It is not an exaggeration to call Alienware Area-51m a monster in the form of a laptop. In every part of this laptop, it delivers striking blows to other products in the marketplace. For a product that comes from a giant in the gaming laptop segment, that is normal.


The Staggering Specifications

When it comes to a gaming laptop, its specifications affect its overall performance. That is one powerful thing to say about Alienware Area-51m. Its specs provide a great chance to be competitive in terms of gaming purposes.

The brief specs of Alienware Area-51m include an Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 as its graphics processor. The brain of the laptop itself is the Intel Core i9 that underlines its flagship status from Alienware. So far, it is the best gaming laptop in terms of its overall performance level.

The screen is a 17-inch with slim bezels around it. Unfortunately, it displays only a Full HD resolution regardless of the powerful GPU it has inside. That is the only bottleneck issue that comes with this tremendous Alienware Area-51m gaming laptop.

It is okay to call it a portable desktop since it comes with a vast possibility of upgrading. Inside the bulky case of Alienware Area-51m, there are numerous slots. Some of them are four slots of RAM, two slots of M2 SSD, and a slot of a 2.5-inch drive.

That makes it possible to create the top-notch performance combination within the sleek body of Alienware Area-51m. Even its keyboard is a full-size keyboard that comes with a numeric pad and macro keys. It is a desktop-class gaming laptop that is nothing but powerful.

All of those things concerning the specs are underneath its black and white finish. It looks classy, with a little bit of blue in some of its parts. Alienware Area-51m looks different from most gaming laptops out there today.

The Verdict

This gaming laptop from Alienware is not a product for everyone. One of the reasons for that is the fact that it is a powerful gaming laptop. Not everyone plays video games extensively using a portable computer.

Another reason for that is its price tag that can be pricey. The starting price of Alienware Area51-m is $1,950. That price can go as high as $5,000 when the maximum specs are in mind. That is not a price of a laptop that everyone is willing to pay for its use.

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