An Ultimate Guide to Optimize Windows Gaming Laptop Performance

When it comes to a gaming laptop performance, the operating system plays a huge role. More than anything, it is not an easy task to know which settings improve your gaming experience, and vice versa.

PCs are made to be multipurpose machines. It means that your laptop might not be optimized for gaming. However, it can be fixed by knowing which one to improve.

In this article, we have a series of tips you can try to enhance the gaming performance of your Windows laptop.

#1 Update your graphic

Updating drivers is not a necessity unless so meissues appear. Meanwhile, your graphic card is one of those things that come on the exception list. Nvidia and AMD regularly release driver updates to optimize the gaming experience.

Thus, updating your graphic card might be the first piece of advice you should take right away.

Even though you can see an iconof AMD or Nvidia driver in your task bar, it doesn’t mean you are using the latest version. Go straight to the official website of your graphic card to download the latest updates.

More than anything, the up-to-date graphic card helps increase gaming laptop performance.

#2 Checkout the background process

Do you have any hardware-hungry programs that is open in the background?

Those programs may slow down the system and decrease the optimization of your gaming performance. You can check what programs are running in the background by opening the Task Manager.

Closingsomeunnecessarybackgroundprogramsis a goodidea. Still, youcannotexpect a miracletocome, afterall.

Windows 10 comewith a Game Mode thathelpsenhanceyourgamingperformance. Itshouldcome as a default, butyoucancheckthefeatureontheSettings>Gaming>Game Mode. Ensurethattheswitchisone.

#3 Tweakyourdisplayoptions

Somepeoplebuy a gaming monitor withoutusingitproperly. A fancygaming monitor comeswith a specialfeaturespecificallydesignedtoenhanceyourgamingexperience.

If your monitor allows a highrefreshrateofatleast144Hz, youneedtoenabletheoption in your laptop manually.

You canenablethefeatureonSettings> System >Display. FindAdvancedDisplaySettingsandchangetheRefresh Rate tohigh.

Manygaminglaptops are equippedwithvariousgamingfeatures. Meanwhile, somefeaturesrequire manual activation. For instance, youcanreducemotionblurbyactivatingtheOverdrive. Thus, besuretoexplorethefeaturestoenhanceyourgaming laptop performance.

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