According to news circulating on Korean forums, Apple is trying a 120Hz ProMotion display for the next-generation iPad Mini.

Samsung Display produces an 8.3-inch panel, but it’s not clear whether it will use mini LED technology like the new iPad Pro and MacBook Pro lines.

Specifications of the iPad Mini

The specifications of the iPad Mini will reportedly not change compared to the newly released iPad Mini 6 except for the ProMotion screen. Namely A15 Bionic as the brain, and paired with 4GB RAM and 64GB storage for the cheapest variant. But of course, the price will be higher than the iPad Mini 6.

The iPad Mini 6 has received a lot of criticism because the screen displays a jelly scroll effect when used vertically. There is the appearance of wavy lines like jelly.

iFixit describes the ‘jelly scroll’ effect on the iPad Mini 6 when it disassembles one of the new iPads. This effect is not new and has to do with the orientation of the controller board present in the device. In conclusion, this effect does not always appear, depending on the orientation of the screen when the tablet is used because the screen will ‘update’ the display (refresh rate) from one side to the other.

ipad mini

Apple itself says this problem is normal, but iFixit assumes this is because Apple uses a cheaper screen panel than usual. So the change in the image on the screen becomes more visible, than usual.

However, the news of the new iPad Mini actually cannot be considered true if you look at history, namely Apple which rarely releases this variant of the iPad. For example, the iPad Mini 5 which was released in 2019 will only be updated with the iPad Mini 6 in 2021.

The specifications of the iPad Mini 6 itself bring a significant increase compared to its predecessor. Like a larger screen (7.9 inches to 8.3 inches) with the same body size.

Then for the cellular variant, the iPad Mini 6 also supports 5G connections even though it’s only sub-6 and not mmWave. The processor is not the latest, namely the A15 Bionic like the iPhone 13, up from the A12 Bionic used in the iPad Mini 5.