Death Loop Review: Everything You Need to Know

If you are a fan of first-person shooter (FPS) games, then you need to know about this Death Loop review. Death Loop is an upcoming game from Arkane, the studio that you need to thank for Dishonored. It is an FPS action game that is set in the 1960s.

What is Death Loop About?

The first thing that we are going to talk about in this review is what this action game is all about. If you love sandbox games, then you will probably love Death Loop. You will also be able to enjoy a lot of action in this game.

In the game, you will play the protagonist Colt, who is a former soldier that becomes an assassin. Colt has to run, stab, and shoot his way to freedom. He does this on an island on a never-ending day that is stuck outside time.

As an assassin, Colt has to track down eight targets all over the city. He also needs to kill these targets before time runs out. In the game, the place is kind of stuck in a time loop. This means that Colt needs to take out all of the targets before midnight without dying.

If Colt ends up dying in the game, he will be back on the street. He has to do the assignment all over again if this ever happens.

A Game About a Time Loop

As you have probably understood by now, Death Loop is a game about a time loop. What you will understand from this Death Loop review is the fact that your main purpose in the game is to assassinate the keepers of the loop.

Colt needs to be able to kill all of the eight targets if he wants to get out of this time loop. The targets in this game are the Visionaries. These people are the keepers of the loop.

When is Death Loop Released?

Since Death Loop is an upcoming game, it is yet to be released. You will see this game being released on the 14th of September 2021. At that time, the game will be released for PC.

You will be able to find Death Loop through Steam. You will also be able to get Death Loop from the Bethesda store. If you have a PlayStation 5, you will also be able to purchase and enjoy this incredible. FPS game.

The developers of Death Loop had planned to launch this game in 2020. However, the release was delayed because of the coronavirus pandemic. But with the help of this Death Loop review, you know exactly when you can play this game.

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