Design and Performance of HP Omen X 2S

Find HP Omen X 2S as one of the newest series for laptop gaming. It has several features, including its dual display. The design shows its intense performance.

The following information tells you this laptop’s superior qualities. Through this, you can consider buying this product.

Its Design

The product has an astonishing design that makes it unusual from others. Its aluminum hood sport presents you with the shape like an hourglass. You can see from the hinge to the top of the lid.

It starts from the upward until the downward triangles. All of them are formed with metal. You can see the glossy lid above the center with the red Omen logo.

The surface is smooth and has a matte-black color. It covers both sides of the sleek hourglass look. Besides, its hinge exposes the deck.

Moreover, the design presents you with an RGB-lit keyboard. Above it, you can see its display of dual-screen.

The Ports

Its best performance of HP Omen X 2S provides you with a Mini DisplayPort. You can enjoy some ports in one device.

You can find an HDMI port, two ports for USB 3.0, and an Ethernet port of RJ45. Additionally, there is a headphone jack on the same side and power jack is located on the left side..

Meanwhile, the right side provides you with another feature. It allows you to connect a USB 3.0 to this port. Get a Thunderbolt 3 port beside it.

Dual-Screen Panel

The product has a glossy touch-screen panel located on its deck. This panel sizes 1920 x 1080 and functions as a separate display. It is almost similar to a monitor that has a dual setup.

This screen is multifunctional. One of the examples is that you can use it to run Spotify app. Apply it and select any song that you want to play.

Through this dual-screen, you can play music while playing the game. It is also possible to play YouTube videos with this screen.

Its touch screen features make you enjoy the benefit. You can handle it without using a mouse. Your game keeps going well while you run this screen.

Its Performance

Completed with the processor of Intel Core i7-9750H makes this product leading. Besides, it has a RAM of 16GB and juggles in Google Chrome tabs.

Overall, it performs an average as a premium laptop for gaming. HP Omen X 2S is the recommended laptop for your gaming session.

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