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Xiaomi Electric Cars Preparation

Electric cars are now a trend for future automotive development. The opportunity is to become an increasingly lucrative business in the future because people are predicted to switch to using it due to environmental issues. It’s not even surprising that smartphone manufacturers are tempted.

The Chinese brand Xiaomi is the most certain to launch an electric car. The CEO of Xiaomi, Lei Jun, has publicly stated that his company will make electric vehicles and currently, intensive preparations have been made.

For the sake of preparing electric cars, Xiaomi has officially established a company called Xiaomi Automobile which has been registered with the authorities in China. Xiaomi plans to build an electric car factory that can produce 300 thousand units annually when it is fully operational in 2024.

The plant will be built in stages in Beijing in two stages. Xiaomi will also build its automotive unit headquarters, including research and sales division offices, in the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone.

Lei Jun said that in the future Xiaomi electric cars will go through every road in the world. He leads his team and will be the last major entrepreneur project in life. He knew the meaning of this decision and risked his entire reputation fighting for Xiaomi.

Autonomous electric cars by Apple

So does Apple. The iPhone manufacturer has not publicly stated its intention to enter the electric car business, but it is reportedly getting stronger. Apple is even said to have appointed project leader Kevin Lynch. He previously led the development of the Apple Watch.

Apple’s target is to launch an autonomous electric car by 2025, faster than the original target of 5-7 years, as Apple has reportedly made important discoveries in its self-driving system and the car will be ready for trials.

Looks very optimistic but many people are skeptical that Apple can meet the 2025 deadline. Many things must be met, especially related to the driver safety factor.

Meanwhile, Bloomberg reports that Apple wants to make an Apple Car without a steering wheel and pedals. This electric car will also have a dock for the iPad. Visionary.