‘Hoa’ a game full of warmth

The beautiful world of game imagination is presented in the game Hoa. The exciting adventure and presentation of beautiful animations that have been waiting for are coming to the PlayStation and Xbox consoles on July 202. Besides, Nintendo Switch and Steam versions have also been announced.

This game applies a 2D design made through the collaboration of Skrollcat Studios Singapore and Studio Kyx Vietnam. Hoa is an amazing work of art, beautiful music, the atmosphere of peace and calm you will feel while exploring this game.

Complex puzzles require you to have common sense and a watchful eye when exploring this game. The thrill of playing the titular character, where on the way you will see a heartwarming environment. You will be immersed in a lively landscape painting ready to explore the vast world. You will see the uniqueness of the magical creatures that are in this game. The sense of peace in this game is illustrated by those who want to be friends.

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