The pandemic has made laptops one of the categories of technology products portable device that have received special attention from consumers and the media. A few years ago, the laptop industry stagnated and experienced a decline in global shipments.

One of the factors is the high innovation in smartphones and mobile connectivity which seem to compete with the technology that is present on the PC, or what we call ecological competition. More and more, many technology companies continue to innovate on PC products in order to continue to deliver technology that consumers really need. With market conditions that are densely competitive, conventional PC products will find it difficult to attract consumers’ attention.

huawei matebook front

Huawei sees this as an opportunity to bring new innovations to consumers, one of which is through the HUAWEI MateBook D Series which is the result of Huawei’s efforts to bring new features and a better user experience. Targeting college students and young professionals, the Huawei MateBook D Series is here so that targeted consumers can experience technology like a premium laptop at an affordable price.

The HUAWEI MateBook D15 offers a number of new experiences and proves Huawei’s commitment to innovation. For example, the unique recessed camera placed on the keyboard allows HUAWEI to reduce the bezel width while providing better privacy. With thinner bezels, of course, this has an impact on the wide screen-to-body ratio which makes the experience of accessing content more comfortable but still in a more compact form.

Another example of innovation is fingerprint login support. Users only need one step to turn on the laptop and log-in to the desktop within 9 seconds. Not only makes to unlock system more convenient, but also makes the overall design cleaner. In addition, the HUAWEI MateBook D15 also comes with the HUAWEI Shark Fin Fan 2.0 with more fan blades but also thinner so that it can provide a better cooling system and greater air output.

These innovations bring freshness to the notebook market. And for Huawei Share with the Multi-screen Collaboration feature, HUAWEI devices can be connected to each other so seamlessly.

His older siblings are the MatePad 11 which was launched earlier this month and the MateBook D15 which will soon be launched in Indonesia on August 25. Connecting the two really helps productivity.

We can transfer documents, photos, videos and other files easily, quickly and efficiently. Like copy and paste from a laptop to a flash disk device.

Early predictions, connecting the MatePad 11 and MateBook D15 will be difficult. Given the new Huawei tablet running Harmony OS 2.0 which is a new operating system.

But the assumption was wrong. It turns out that connecting two devices on different platforms is so easy, even easy for general users to do.

huwaei matebook connectivity

Steps for Multi-screen Collaboration on MateBook D15 and MatePad 11

Set up only WiFi and Bluetooth connections. Then it’s just a matter of activating the Multi-Screen Collaboration feature on both devices.

On the MatePad 11, open the control panel by swiping down on the top right side of the screen. Then press the Multi-Screen Collaboration button.

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Switch to MateBook D15, open Huawei PC Manager by pressing the M icon in the lower right corner. In the Multi-Screen Collaboration section press the tablet icon. The laptop will scan for nearby tablets.

Once it appears in the list, tap on the tablet you want to connect to. Once connected, three options will appear, namely Mirror, Extended and Collaborate.

If you select Mirror, what is displayed on the laptop screen is the same as on the tablet. While Extended, the tablet will be an additional screen for the laptop.

Interestingly, when choosing Mirror or Extended mode, we control from the tablet. As if we are using a Windows tablet.

Not only that, we can input text using the Smart Keyboard or M-Pencil. This will be very helpful when it comes to signing digital documents.

If Collaborate, the two devices still run their respective operating systems. However, it is possible for users to control the tablet from a laptop, using either the touchpad or the keyboard.

This Collaborates mode will help you drag and drop files between devices. So it’s more practical and faster, rather than having to move it first to an internal storage device or even cloud-based.

The Multi-Screen Collaboration experience provided by Huawei is better than the similar capabilities offered by Apple on the MacBook and iPad Pro. Make the multitasking process more leverage, resulting in increased productivity.