OPPO and Dynaudio Presents OPPO Enco X, World-Class Audio Technology

mylaptopgame – Like most other technology companies when growing up, OPPO continues to improvise with advanced and capable technological innovations. Collaborating with the world’s premium Hi-Fi audio brand, Dynaudio, OPPO launched the OPPO Enco X premium wireless earphone innovation with the best audio experience.

OPPO and Dynaudio together embody high quality in both design and audio technology. Both are also capable of delivering a great audio experience to consumers. Their technology is the musical instrument of a new era. OPPO Enco X is masterpieces of the best audio technology from OPPO and Dynaudio.

Through various explorations to finally produce the high-tech OPPO Enco X. Various modifications and explorations were made to create sophisticated audio details. Oppo with Dynaudio went through a long journey of experimenting with 30 different types of materials and 152 parts, after that with 120 structural modifications and finally decided on the final acoustic structure that was unique to OPPO Enco X. A balanced combination of membrane drivers with dynamic drivers, made with a special coaxial structure. Rich and sophisticated audio details will be delivered perfectly.

It a cutting-edge technology for a better music listening experience. Suitable for technology and audio lovers.

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