Outriders Demo Version: So Fun!

The developer releases a demo version of a game. There is a risk that gamers can be skeptical when the final version is released. This also happened to the Outriders demo from People Can Fly and Square Enix some time ago. The story that feels rambling, the shooter mechanic that feels standard, to the bland visual presentation as if it takes away all the little appeal left after the trailer and screenshots, which also in our eyes, failed to do their job properly. But nobody thought that most people’s opinions could change in the final version. Outriders turn out to be pretty fun!

The First Impression Is So Tempting

The release of the latest Outriders game is different from the many recent game releases that come with a feast for the eyes. Gamers playing on the Playstation 5 version, will be presented with a low-resolution world texture that is far from the word reality, standard world lighting, to character models that are not too interesting. But at least the Outriders managed to make up for it through the concept of a planet that was so foreign that it presented civilizations and the types of monsters that were ready to look threatening. Outsiders also offer costume and weapon designs that deserve thumbs up considering its position as a loot-shooter game.


Character classes offer special abilities and three types of weapons in hand, against armed groups or just monsters that live in an alien planet ecosystem that you visit, Outriders does not sound special. It feels like a third-person shooter concept that has been facilitated by many other titles with extra looter-shooter content on it. Even so, this game can now be enjoyed.


This game is like an addiction with the level of difficulty that it stretches. Outriders is not an easy game to beat, especially if gamers play it solo. You will indeed find nonsense situations where the accuracy of enemy fire feels absurd or the damage thrown by the enemy is ready to kill you in just a few seconds. But when you successfully clear each of these areas, which is usually followed by a lot of cover action, skill execution at the right timing, interspersed with running around when fighting bosses, and mini-bosses with thick HP, there is a feeling of relief and satisfaction that is difficult. pictured. Moreover, it also comes with loot rewards which, as far as we play, feels quite fair.

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