Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime Ref. The 5175 was launched in 2014 to celebrate the 175th anniversary of Patek Philippe, priced at $2,500,000 and only 7 units were produced worldwide. The best and most complex watch of all time with 20 complications (functions), 214 parts, and 1,366 components.

Patek Philippe Watch with Dual Face.

One side displays the perfect time, and the other side displays the perfection of the perpetual calendar with a 4-digit year indicator. A masterpiece of this watch took 8 years, 100,000 hours of workmanship, and involved a minimum of 1,000 experts to complete to perfection.

Patek Philippe Why Expensive?

Most people judge from the fashion side, many people think that the model is not updated, very classic. However, therein lies the selling point. For those who understand the meaning of art, a masterpiece, the extraordinary combination of the intricacy of perfect micro-components that even fingers can hardly grasp, the precision of each component, the finest materials, and great value, flawless curves and engravings, this watch is worthy of even an award. above the price.

Patek Philippe

The case of this watch is made of an 18 K gold bar. It is also called the most sophisticated watch. Imagine, for a case with a diameter of only 47.7 mm filled with 1,366 components, and 20 complications or functions from the best Acoustics Grande Sonnerie, Petite Sonnerie, Minute Repeater to date (Date Sonnerie); Instantaneous Perpetual Calendar; Second Time Zone; Alarm; and other functions.

Made of the best materials to last forever. The watch strap is hand sewn and made of the finest alligator leather. Then, every component must be installed perfectly accurately with both hands of highly skilled experts.

Got $2,500,000 and want to buy this watch? Not necessarily you can have it. Because you will be interviewed first by the Chairman of Patek Philippe, whether you deserve and deserve it because only true watch lovers can understand and enjoy this watch, for a long period, for all time.

The reason is that only certain people can have it.

The first reason, for individuals who understand works of art such as paintings, crafts, or watches, of course, they have a high level of knowledge / high level of education. The human brain is brilliant, and if ideas can be poured into tangible objects, art connoisseurs will ‘drool’ admiring the natural creations of the extraordinary human brain, no matter how much they dare to pay.

Second, watches are an investment of how much you value time, besides Status, you get to function, fashion, lifestyle, and art. What makes watches worthy of collection, those watches are works of art that combine passion for arts + perfect manufacturing, and you can enjoy them on your wrist.

Third, reviewing the focus of this article, Patek Philippe is an Ultra Luxury manufacturer in the world of watches with the highest predicate. At every sale of Patek Philippe, despite the high demand, the majority of the watches will be delivered directly from the factory to the world’s highest-class premium collectors. Patek Philippe is hardly available on public counters, every secret and plan is strictly guarded. Very private.

At every watch auction, Patek Philippe dominates 80% of sales and always sets a record high in the world.

The following is the data for the Luxury Watch investment auction:

Patek Philippe Investment Type 1527 Year for 1943, where the selling price of the watch increased by more than 10 times from its original price and was sold in 2010 for Rp. 71.5 Billion (US 5.5 Million US Dollar). The world record, Patek Philippe Henry Grave Super Complication 1933, in 1999 sold for Rp. 143 Billion (US 11 Million US) and in 2010 sold at Rp. 312 Billion (US 24 Million US).

Functions of Grandmaster Chime Patek Philippe 1575

Grande Sonnerie: A clanging sound indicating the hour, hour, and minute

Petite Sonnerie: A clanging sound that only indicates the hour.

Minute Repeater: A chime sound when pressed indicates the hour, hour, and minute

Alarm: Sound by setting

Dual Time Zone: Displays the setting of two time zones

Instantaneous Perpetual Calendar: Calendar that is always accurate from the difference of the 30th, 31st, or February calendar.