Review Macbook Pro Retina 13 inch Mid 2014 Secondhand

Macbook pro retina mid 2014 13 inch, little laptop portable. We bought secondhand in 2018 paying around $900. Cycle count still around 100 , with operating system mavericks. We buy the second with the screen began staingate stain, that is like a screen to peel , to dressing skins of snakes .Then charger is imitation but we do not know at that time.


After 3 years we use , there are still quite particular importance .With storage capacity and ram limited minimalist , macbook pro the retina 13 inch this may still be able to run applications adobe xd , intellij idea ce even we could to edit video using adobe premier even though cannot be optimal .For now application that installed limited in scope due to storage minimalist 128 gb make we have to frugality .

Sparepart since we buy second in 2018 are for the magsafe charger and port power need to replaced because burning and we find to buy ori charger for security and comfort. Battery so far still very healthy. Normal use can bear to 4 hours. If you use application heavy, so fan would be sound is very hard and will drain battery you sooner. Never use it to game, so uncomfortable.


Related updates last Mac OS in 2020, Big Sur we want to try. But storage limited, not allowing to install big mac os sur who own files reached 20 GB, especially when have not to installed.

Conclusion, Macbook retina 13 inch Mid 2014 second are still quite comfortable with the normal use .The size that minimalism make it portable, very mobile .It can run visual studio and sql database also relative without a hitch .Coding wherever it seems to be easy .


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