Review of Alienware M17 R4 for Your Consideration

Get Alienware M17 R4 as the best laptop for gaming. This device enables you to show your best performance. It has top-quality, as well as marvelous features, make it compatible compared to others.

The below information helps you to understand further detail of the product. Let’s check the following explanation.


This laptop is well-known for its gorgeous design. Although it does not serve you with the newest design, its aesthetic look dominates others. It has been a legend for a long time.

It allows you to experience an amazing model. Having an impressive Lunar Light color exposes its outer look. The combination of white and black makes it gorgeous.

Besides, you can find some function ports located on this device. They are an HDMI, a Mini DisplayPort, a Thunderbolt, and a power port. Moreover, it has an Alienware Graphics Amplifier port that you can use for an external GPU.

You can find other ports too on the side. All of this is useful for you all the time.

Performance and Battery Life

This device is completed with power for the gaming laptop. It helps to push the silicon in maximizing the limit. Thus, you may hear the fan sound louder.

The raw specs make it closer to RTX 3070 desktop version. You may find Alienware M17 R4 laptop is what gamers need.

However, this device’s battery can’t last long. It can’t stand for all-day use. So, it is disappointing in battery life.

If you use it for a laptop, it can last for around 2 hours 21 minutes. By using it as media playback, it makes the battery life almost similar. It will not be enough for you who want to enjoy the full movie.

Software and Features

As mentioned earlier, this laptop is a premium product. You will not find some bloatware installed on the device. You can use the Alienware Command Center that is available on it.

This app allows you to manage this product. All RGB lighting, including its performance, can be controlled here. You can launch your preferred games from here too.

It is recommended to select this laptop due to several reasons. If you require the fastest laptop for gaming, you have to buy it. It provides you with the most powerful components.

By having it, the device can run any game you are playing better. Alienware M17 R4 is a lightweight gaming laptop you should buy.

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