Review Yoga Lenovo 7i, a thin concise and elegant

myLaptopGame – Laptop concise, of elegant thin preference to for the business people.Laptop high mobility make this slight to be favorite places.Lenovo offered a series yoga 7i.Laptop computer tablet furnished more like a keyboard, because a keyboard and display can really removable.

Laptop yoga duet 7i detachable bringing a conception which means the screen and its keyboard or commonly called hybrid each other so as to be able to function as a tablet computer terminal .Yoga duet 7i became the first yoga detachable to use this concept .Processor and memory have two choices to review the main while using mylaptopgame 13iml05 quad core processor , exactly intel core i7-10510u , and 16 gb ddr4 main memory capacity .

First experience using an 7i, a laptop yoga sails without a keyboard still quite comfortable held one hand because of size sails 13.3 inci and weights 800 is light.To stylus unfortunately not any receptacle that attaches to laptop and should be hati-hari that out.First wearing maybe you ‘il confusion how seting early stylus, but just relax, many of lenovo tutorials.

Technology laptop touch screen with panels 2k resolution social class or 2.160 x 1.350 pixels , having color % srgb the gamut of 100 .Specification suitable for needs of the illustrator or komikus first digital color but it is possible to use entrepreneurs to be meeting anywhere.

Unfortunately it there not been placed at all usb 3.0 or 2.0 , there are only port usb 3.1 or type c .Usb 3.1 type for the time being is used in a smartphone , but rarely used for laptop .Users have to has a variety of converter for usb 3.0 , hdmi and lan .A little nasty practical solutions .May be due to electronic entertainment , later the lapse of how time will be many products laptop by a usb 3.1 type c


Laptop yoga lenovo 7i performance this a practical and mumpuni offered.When a keyboard and display united, dimensinya not thicker and large from a magazine.- it is make it good carry are very mobile and does not cause difficulties.While, as tablet computer, yoga lenovo a 7i save to use with one hand also.


The appearance of elegant by high portability is stylish , the screen sharp , a stylus responsive and precision , there are features cool on e-color pen , a keyboard can be used with or without come together with sails.


To a laptop used while mobile would be difficult , no adhesive stylus in laptop so shall hati-hati that does not disappear , without usb standard-a hdmi and so impractical for now but we do not know what is going to happen next provided .