Bespoke devices from Samsung officially enter the Indonesian market. One of the devices brought by the South Korean technology giant is a refrigerator that is not only smart but also has a stylish appearance.

customizable design
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Bespoke Samsung Smart Refrigerator

Bespoke Refrigerator which consists of a multi-door refrigerator, bottom mount freezer, and 1-door. The refrigerator range offers a flat design and slim depth, which allows the front to be in harmony with the kitchen cabinet or other furniture in the house.

The appearance is pleasing to the eye. The choice of finishes and colors makes this refrigerator can be harmoniously combined into the interior design of the house, whether in the kitchen, open kitchen, even the living room area, or corners of the dwelling that were not thought of before.

Bespoke refrigerators promise to be customizable. So that it can be a solution for users who want to design a house that truly reflects their persona and lifestyle.

Interestingly, if one day the design of the house is changed, Bespoke refrigerator users don’t have to worry. Because this device can follow changes in the appearance of the house. The front panel can be replaced with a Satin or Glam finish, with a choice of Grey, Sky Blue, White, Pink, or Navy colors to match the house’s new design.

Customizable refrigerator design

Furthermore, the Samsung Bespoke Refrigerator comes with a portable, modular configuration so that users are flexible to customize their refrigerator as their family members grow over time. Users are given the freedom to add refrigerator units, which can be seamlessly combined with their pre-owned Bespoke units.

All types of Samsung Bespoke Refrigerators can certainly be connected to SmartThings so users can check or get notifications on their smartphones when the refrigerator door is not closed tightly. Users can also adjust the temperature in the fridge and freezer through the application without the need to open the refrigerator. This refrigerator can be mixed and matched as needed and comes with optimal cooling performance to keep food ingredients fresh for longer.

bespoke samsung
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Triple Cooling technology

For food storage, the Bespoke Refrigerator Multi door comes with Triple Cooling technology, so the three fridge and freezer compartments use an independent evaporator and fan system to maintain food freshness and prevent the mixing of aromas. The smell of meat from the freezer is promised not to stick to the vegetables in the fridge, so the vegetables stay fresh with their original taste when consumed.

stylish refrigerator
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Bespoke icebox Multi door additionally options FlexZone, a multifunctional compartment, that has five temperature settings to decide on from so it may be used as excitement to a deep freezer per the requirements and also the variety of food you wish to store. To store drinks, use drink mode at 4°C.

 When shopping for scores of vegetables and fruit, this compartment will store at 2°C in Fruit Veggies mode. once you need to cook cut or fish, store it at -1°C in Meat Fish mode, that the meat remains soft and recent, while not the requirement for a protracted defrosting method.

 If you wish to stay the meat longer, place it in Soft Freeze mode (-5°C), and store different frozen foods in Freeze mode (this mode equals the temperature of the deep freezer compartment within the vary of -15 to -23°C). Users can even create 2 sorts of ice cubes with a capability of doubly the maximum amount because of the others.

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 Bespoke icebox Multi door additionally has the drink Cente feature for straightforward access to your favorite drinks with unchanging freshness and style as a result of the drink Center is within the {fridge|electric icebox|refrigerator|icebox} and isn’t exposed once the refrigerator door is opened, thereby reducing the danger of contamination of the style and aroma of the drink.

 In addition, this icebox is provided with an enclosed Water Dispenser with a stainless-steel nozzle that’s simply removed for laundry ANd an Autofill Water Pitcher that may be stuffed with ingredients for recent infused water.

 All compartments get a similar cooling while the Samsung bespoken icebox Bottom Mount deep freezer and 1-Door are equipped with well-rounded Cooling technology. during this means, hold on food is secure to continuously be at the optimum temperature and its freshness maintained longer.

 There is additionally Metal Cooling technology that is intended to optimize the icebox‘s internal temperature albeit the refrigerator is usually opened and closed. A Metal Cooling Plate is placed on the rear wall to forestall the loss of cool air once the door is opened and straightaway stabilizes the temperature once the door is closed once more.

stylish samsung bespoke
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 The Samsung bespoken icebox is on the market at a value of IDR 16,499,000 for the lowest Mount deep freezer or 1-Door kind and IDR 32,999,000 for the Multi door kind. Beside

 refrigerator, Samsung additionally presents AN esthetically designed bespoken Microwave that is priced at IDR 2,199,000.

 The Samsung bespoken vary is on the market at Samsung on-line stores and different leading physical science stores.

 During the initial sale amount, buying any variety of bespoken icebox for the amount August twenty-fiveSep seven 2021 at has the chance to induce a bonus value up to Rp ten,199,000 within the sort of a custom icebox front panel package and an immediate gift of a Nespresso low Machine.