Say Goodbye to PUBG Mobile Cheaters

Say goodbye to PUBG Mobile cheaters because the developers are blocking the players again using cheat codes. A total of 1.6 million accounts were permanently blocked. Based on the report, specifically, 1,691,949 million accounts were proven to be using cheats. This figure is the accumulated number of accounts that were blocked in the period from March 28 to April 1. According to the developer, all of these accounts were known to use cheats obtained from third parties to get more “kills” from other players. This cheat is mostly used a battle royale and multiplayer modes.

Most cheats use “auto-aim” cheats, as much as 34 percent where players can target their opponents with accuracy automatically. Then there is as many as 12 percent of players who use the “speed hack” cheat. With this cheat, the player’s movement will be faster so that it is difficult for opponents to target. In addition to disclosing the types of cheats used, PUBG Mobile also reports the rank of blocked accounts.


The rank that cheats as much as 12 percent is a Crown rank account. Then 11 percent of accounts are rated Platinum and Silver. Also besides, 9 percent of accounts in the Gold rank category are permanently blocked. The developer also blocked 11 percent of accounts with an Ace rating. Cheaters are at least at the highest rank in PUBG Mobile, namely Conqueror only 1%. PUBG Mobile itself has now entered season 18. PUBG Mobile also currently has a new map called Karakin which comes from the PC and console versions of PUBG.

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