Valve is trying to present the “PC Handheld” concept into a new mainstream platform with the latest hardware product, namely – Steam Deck. The idea isn’t complicated, just ensures that this little machine is not only flexible with the option of installing third-party apps but ensures that it can play any PC game at a framerate of at least a comfortable 30fps. This is an alternative device that is too dear to pass up, especially at a fairly competitive price. Plus it comes with pretty simple packaging.

Steam Deck Packaging

The first batch will launch in February 2022. Valve shows off what kind of packaging you will get if you have ordered the 64 GB and 256GB variants. It comes with a plain cardboard box containing the writings in the region where the Steam Deck is officially available. The package in it is a Steam Deck and a power supply that will be adjusted to the region where it is shipped. You’ll also automatically get a carry-case to ensure you can take your Steam Deck wherever you want.

Limited release of Steam Deck by Valve, which unfortunately missed a few countries. What do you think about the packaging? Too simple?