SmartTV User Experience

Image Quality

Television is identical to a device for watching, whether it’s watching movies, news, or other entertainment. Using the Netflix platform is one way to experience what the Cognitive Processor XR has to offer on Sony TVs. Inside there is quite a lot of content that supports Dolby Vision, which this TV also supports.

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Sony BRAVIA XR X90J Review

The VA panel is used in this TV because of its durability and not being prone to screen burn. Moreover, this is also made by Sony. This makes us not have to worry about what type of panel. Very different from the VA panel that popped into our heads when we first heard it. This high display quality should be the result of the Cognitive Processor XR. A solid black level, making the contrast so high and colors can be displayed brilliantly.

Backlit Full-Array LED, and Local Dimming, depth of black display can be obtained. Display analysis and optimization capabilities make viewing on TV extraordinary. However, like most screens with VA panels, the consistency of the display will be slightly different if we watch at an angle that is too far from perpendicular or directly in front of the TV.

This BRAVIA XR-55X90J supports HDR, with Dolby Vision, HLG, and HDR10 types. When you play Dolby Vision-supported content on Netflix, you immediately notice a change in appearance, which this TV automatically adapts to Dolby Vision.

There are two Dolby Vision display preset options, namely Bright and Dark. Bright for lightroom and Dark for a dark room. The Dolby Vision display preset will only appear when the content being played does support Dolby Vision. If the content does not support Dolby Vision, the display presets that appear are Vivid, Standard, Cinema, IMAX Enhanced, Game, Graphics, Photo, and Custom.

Do you like something more natural? Standard presets available. There is also Vivid which is a display preset that produces colors with high saturation and high detail in the display.

IMAX Enhanced is provided to enjoy IMAX content if any. While Cinema, Games, Graphics, and Photos can be selected according to user preferences. Then custom, as the name implies, can be set by yourself with almost all the parameters for this preset.

There is also a display preset called Netflix Calibrated Mode. This preset will let us see our content in a view consistent with that used by the content production team at Netflix. When this mode is active, Picture Mode will be locked in “Calibrated” and other options cannot be selected.

HDR content on YouTube can also be displayed properly on this TV. If when playing HDR content, the HDR description in the resolution option does not appear, try resetting to the display preset used, it could be that the HDR setting was accidentally changed to “Off”.

smarttv sony

When playing content with resolutions below 4K, the upscale feature supported by the Cognitive Processor XR helps increase the display quality to close to 4K. Meanwhile, for fast scenes in the content being played, the TV will display it at a high frame rate. But for this, maybe not everyone will like it. Fortunately, this “fps” boost feature can be easily disabled, just look for the MotionFlow and Cinemotion options and just turn them off.

One more thing to note, the screen surface of this TV is semi-glossy. So, if there are objects that are bright enough in front of the TV, there will be reflections of those objects which, although they may not be very clear, in some conditions it can be annoying, especially if the content being played has many scenes in the room or dark conditions.

Audio Quality

Turning to the audio, the quality of the speakers on this TV can’t be said to be extraordinary, but it’s fairly good for a TV. The sound volume is also fairly high, adequate even for use in a large enough room.

The Surrounding sound it produces can be said to be quite pronounced. This SmartTV is also equipped with an automatic audio calibration feature, optimizing the existing speakers according to the user’s sitting position. This helps to improve audio quality a little bit, although of course, the effect on each user can be different, some may hear a significant improvement, some may only feel a slight improvement.

Gaming & Digital TV

Then what about gaming? When trying to use this TV with PS 5 to play games. As a result, we were able to enjoy 4K120 in the game we played this time.

However, it should be noted that for 4K120 to be enjoyed, we must use the 3rd or 4th HDMI port on the TV, as well as a cable that supports the HDMI 2.1 standard, such as the PS 5 cable. into Enhanced Mode. Standard Mode and Enhanced Mode (Dolby Vision) cannot accommodate this 4K120.

This 4K120 should also be experienced using a PC, but of course, the PC must already support HDMI 2.1. In addition, for 4K120 gaming, PCs should need high enough specifications to run games at that high resolution and high refresh rate.

Oh, yes, one more thing, we also tried this Digital TV system on Sony BRAVIA. Utilizing an additional antenna, we managed to get a lot of Digital TV channels. This proves that this BRAVIA XR X90J TV does support the DVB-T2 standard.

Power Consumption

We tried to measure the power this BRAVIA TV consumes when it is used to play content. Here are the results:

  •     Bright scenes in the video: 155 – 170 Watts in Vivid mode; 140 – 160 Watts in other modes, including Dolby Vision Bright & Dolby Vision Dark
  •     The dark scene in the video: 100 – 120 Watts in all modes
  •     Stand by at Home: +/- 100 Watt
  •     Stand by (when the screensaver-like mode is active): also +/- 100 Watt