Valve presented their newest product, the Steam Deck, optimistically. The market is already crowded with products such as handheld PCs, Valve is ready to be very interested in trying it. Optimistic because the announcement and sales were made amid an industry situation that was desperately looking for raw materials and electronic components in almost every corner. But the fact is true like that, Valve is also affected by this last situation.

Steam Deck Pre-order

Moments earlier, Valve opened a pre-order period and plans to release the first batch in December 2021. But Valve ended up coming with bad news. That’s right, Steam Deck is officially delayed. The first batch will now only launch from February 2022, which also marks the new date for the delivery queue to which the others will adjust. Valve has publicly revealed that material limitations were the reason behind this delay.

Steam Deck

Valve has repeatedly apologized for not being able to meet the deadline they set at the time of pre-order. How about you? Come order the Steam Deck to experience the goods?