Today’s portability is very important, especially data. When it comes to Synology and important data backups, what we might think of is a backup using a NAS. This Taiwanese brand has indeed become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of NAS, or Network Attached Storage. So yes, the shadow is not wrong.

Synology offers a cloud service for backups. The service is Synology C2 Backup.

Synology C2 Backup

Introduction to Synology C2

Synology C2 Backup is part of Synology C2. This public cloud infrastructure is highly secure in terms of security, which is not only intended for businesses and professionals but also private users.

The security aspect of Synology C2 is guaranteed, because Synology only uses colocation data centers that already meet very strict security standards, according to internationally recognized certifications. Users are very free to choose the location of the data center for the services they use, with options in the US, Germany, or Taiwan, which are Synology’s newest data centers in Asia.

Some of the services other than C2 Backup offered in the Synology C2 public cloud, namely:

  • C2 Storage: to be the backup destination of the NAS which also supports online sync features
  • C2 Password: for secure personal password management
  • C2 Transfer: for business data transfer
  • C2 Identity: for identity management across multiple platforms for enterprises

All of these services prioritize security aspects. So, it’s not just C2 Backup that has a high level of security, all of these Synology C2 services also offer the same level of security. Synology implements high standards of security for each of its services.

Synology C2 Backup

Synology C2 Backup: for Personal and Business

Both personal and business need data security technology. Backup is one way to secure data, to prevent unwanted things from losing data or leaking data. This applies not only to businesses or companies but also to personal data. Synology C2 Backup has been prepared to accommodate the needs of these two user segments.

For personal users, backups can be set whether for the entire system, only for certain files or folders, or it can be only for the attached external drive. The backup option for the entire system is interesting because if there is a problem with the computer, the user can immediately perform a full recovery, starting from the operating system, configuration in the operating system, to the files on the computer.

Incremental backup is also offered in this C2 Backup. So, backup is only done for files that have changed since the last backup was done. This will help save time and online storage for backups on the plans in use.

An interesting offer is that one C2 Backup account is not only valid for one computer. This service can be used for several computers at once, of course as long as the storage space used in the service is still available. This is of course interesting for personal users who have several Windows-based computers.

Meanwhile, for business/enterprise, C2 Backup also offers backup capabilities similar to those for personal users but is focused on use in a corporate environment, which of course has more devices than personal users. A backup console is available to make it easier to set up backups for multiple devices at once, without having to directly access these devices.

Backups for Microsoft 365 services are also available. Companies can back up files stored on OneDrive as well as for Exchange Online-based email. All of these backup processes can be done automatically, so there is no hassle for administrators or the IT department in the company.

High Flexibility for Backup Options

For both personal and business use, C2 Backup offers flexibility in options for backups. Not only determine what is backed up, but users can also determine when the backup will run.

Backups can be done as needed with a specific schedule, for example daily or weekly. In addition, backups can also be initiated based on certain triggers, such as every time the computer is turned on or is about to be shut down. This of course makes it easier for users to adapt to existing needs.

The number of backups stored for each computer can also be set. Will all backups be stored continuously, or only stored for some time or only the most recent backups are stored, and so on. This applies to C2 Backup for business as well as for personal use.

Meanwhile, for data restoration from the backup, we can also choose whether the restoration is intact if we choose a full system backup, including restoration of the operating system to the condition when the backup was made (Bare Metal Recovery). Or, we can also choose to restore only the files that are needed. This will certainly help, according to the problem scenario that occurs.

Security Guarantee for All Backups

The interesting thing that is offered by Synology is the security guarantee as we mentioned earlier. Now, apart from only using a data center that meets international standards and the location can be chosen by the user, the security aspect of the C2 Backup service is also strengthened by the availability of encryption. This encryption of course makes the data more secure from access by unauthorized parties.

Synology uses AES-256 encryption. The private key to access encrypted data is only given specifically to devices that do have permission to access the data from the backup. This private key is exclusive, so it is not only used on the device.

Apart from access to data, data security is also guaranteed in terms of availability. Synology uses the Erasure Coding mechanism, which can prevent data loss, at a higher rate than the use of RAID 5 or RAID 6 though. So, physical storage damage in the data center will not affect the availability of data which is automatically distributed to several nodes by Synology.

Interestingly, this is not only available for business users. This security aspect also applies to C2 Backup customers for personal needs. So, yes all backups in Synology C2 Backup get the same treatment regarding this security.