oppo camera

The OPPO Future Imaging Technology Launch Event 2021 has just finished. In this event, OPPO introduced three of their latest camera technologies.

OPPO’s three latest camera technologies.

The first is the RGBW camera sensor, which was newly developed by OPPO. This sensor houses the additional white Sub-pixels (W) of conventional RGB sensors and complements it with DTI (Deep Trench Isolation) technology and a 4-in-1 pixel algorithm.

With this technology, this sensor is claimed to be able to capture 60% light and reduce noise up to 35% better than the previous sensor technology. This results in a much clearer and brighter image in low-light conditions.

OPPO also introduced the latest Continuous Optical Zoom technology. Previously, OPPO had pioneered Zoom technology with a periscope system, with several lenses stacked in the middle.

Now improved again, where the lenses are driven using a motor, so it has a variable focal length that can be changed, with a range of 85-200mm. It also makes transitions while zooming smoother.

In addition, the periscope is also equipped with 5-Axis OIS, so the camera can be more stable when zooming, which of course makes the image sharper.

And finally, OPPO also announced the latest generation of USC (Under Screen Camera) or under-screen camera. Developed with display manufacturer BOE, this display for USC technology has pixels with a density of up to 400PPI that move, in the upper area of ​​the camera.

It also uses a transparent cable and a 1-to-2 pixel circuit, so the sensor can capture light better. Coupled with the help of AI, it will produce a better dynamic range and white balance, as well as less diffraction in the photos.