Recently, an iPhone X smartphone whose charger port was modified to USB-C was auctioned on eBay. The smartphone, which is thought to be the ‘World’s First USB-C iPhone’, has been sold for USD 86,001.

The modified iPhone X using USB-C was created by robotics student Ken Pillonel. Unlike most modified iPhones, this iPhone X with USB-C can still be charged as usual and connected to a Mac without sacrificing performance and physical form.

The mechanics of switching to First USB-C iPhone X

The mechanics of switching to USB C can be watched on YouTube, Pillonel shows how it works to replace the Lightning port on the iPhone X with USB-C. He originally reverse engineered the C94 connector to take out the Lightning port on the iPhone.

The next step, Pillonel created a special circuit board to be inserted into the iPhone. In addition, he also had to modify the iPhone X frame so that the slightly larger USB-C port connector could fit.

After successfully creating his modified iPhone X with USB-C, Pillonel auctioned the phone on eBay. There are some conditions that the winner of the auction may not disassemble the innards or use it as the main phone.

The auction price started at USD 1,000, but the bids Pillonel received immediately jumped. After briefly touching the USD 100,000 figure, the rare iPhone X was finally sold for USD 86,001.

First USB-C iPhone X

Many consider the Pillonel-modified iPhone X to be a fad project. But unexpectedly enthusiastic bidders, this project proves that many people want to have an iPhone with USB-C.

Apple itself is not impossible to release the iPhone with USB-C in Europe thanks to new rules set by the European Commission. The regulation requires cellphone and electronic device vendors to use USB-C in their devices in order to reduce electronic waste. As we know, now there are many devices with various kinds of supporting ports.