Things to Do Before Gaming on a Laptop for Best Performance

It is not a new thing to use a laptop to play video games regularly. Today, there are even compact computers for gaming that offer better performance than regular types. Nevertheless, it is not that simple to start playing games at their best performance on a laptop.

It requires a few tweaks to set up the laptop for its best performance level for gaming purposes. There is no need to worry because they are all simple things to do. Some of them are okay to do just one time before gaming for the first time using the device.

Altering the Update Setting of the Windows

It is not a new thing that the updates for Windows 10 are annoying. It is never a good thing when in the middle of playing games, the updates start. So, it is best to alter the update options for Windows 10 before doing anything else.

It is easy to change the update settings on Windows 10. Go to the Update and Security menu of the operating system by pressing Windows + Q and type updates. Click on the Windows Update menu afterward.

Go to the Advanced Options or the Active Hours options under that previous menu selection. Put the hours when the laptop is in use for gaming so that there will be no updates. On the other hand, it is possible to select the Pause Updates menu before gaming to halt any upcoming updates.

Visual Effects and Mouse Acceleration

Both of those features are great for Windows 10 users who are not using the computer for gaming. Unfortunately, they will prevent gamers from having a good gaming time. So, it is best to turn them off for gaming purposes on a laptop.

Go to the Advanced System Settings of the system and search for Performance Options. Under the Visual Effects tab, choose Custom and uncheck everything to minimize the visual effects. It will provide a significant improvement for the gaming performance.

Furthermore, the option to turn off the Mouse Acceleration is in the Pointers tab. Look for the menu to change the mouse pointer display or speed. To do this, uncheck the enhanced pointer precision option.

Those simple tweaks are easy to do for the better performance of the device. There is no need to deal with them anymore afterward. Playing video games on a laptop after changing those things will come with a better experience in many ways.


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