Things to Upgrade to Enhance Your Gaming Notebook Performance

We will ensure you that even a gaming laptop budget can make an excellent tool to play games. However, several things will boost your gaming experience whether you are using a high-end or mainstream laptop.

In another article, wehavestatedthat GPU isoneoftheessentialsthatcouldmakeorbreakyourgamingexperience. Whilehigh GPU performances are onlyownedbyhigher-endlaptops, youcanmanageotherthings in yourbudget laptop.

Thus, in thisarticle, youcanfindthetipsyoucantrytoimproveyourgamingexperience. Upgradingtheseitemsbelowishighlyrecommended.

Whatotherspecsshould I lookfor?

As mentionedearlier, GPU is a crucialthingon a gaming laptop. However, itseemsimpossibletohave a powerful GPU whileyoucanonlyafford a gaming laptop budget.

Butyoudon’tneedtoworry, consideringsomeaspectswillenhanceyourgamingexperience. The goodnewsisthattheseitems are upgradeable.


The firstthingyoushouldlookforisthe CPU. Dependingonyourbudget, youcanget a verypowerfulgaming laptop with a Corei7 CPU. Somelaptopsevencomewith desktop CPUs.

Meanwhile, ifyour GPU isexcellentalready, youwillbefineevenwith a Corei5processor. Some laptop modelsallow CPU upgrades, afterall.


RAM isquitecrucialforgaminglaptops. The goodnewsisthatyoucanupgradeyourlaptop’s RAM, dependingonthespecsofyour laptop in thefirstplace.

8GBisenoughforaveragedailytasks, butyoucanalwaysgowith16GB RAM forgaming. Meanwhile, ifyoustickto a budget laptop, youbetterconsiderupgradingthe RAM later. You willnotice a significantchangeafterupgradingyour RAM.


SSDisalwaysthebesttypeofstorage in manyways. However, thepriceisquiteexpensivecomparedto HDD. HDD performanceislowerthanSSD, butitcomes in a moreaffordablepricelist.

Still, youcanuseboth. For instance, a 1TB HDD isexcellenttosavethings, while a 128GBSSDisenoughforbooting. You mayneedtosacrificethe DVD-ROMspacetoutilizetwostoragedisks.

More thananything, usinganSSDtowork in tandem with HDD is a goodidea. You canalwaysuse a largerSSDifyou are willingtopaymore. However, sinceyouprefertostickwith a gaming laptop budget, utilizingbothstoragedisksispreferable.

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