What You Need to Know about Biomutant

Keep yourself updated on Biomutant. This ambitious gameplay presents you with deadly mutant cats. You can know the information about it further here.

Releasing Date

Launching on May 25, 2021, you can enjoy this game also on PS4 and Xbox One. The developers planned its original release in 2019. Due to some reasons, they have to postpone it until 2021.

They say that the game is fixed to release now. All teams are confident that this combat game is available for the public very soon.

It is an action role-playing game (RPG) involving mutant cats. The game allows the cats to fight using swords, guns, and their kung-fu. You may enjoy the deadly kitties arts on each battle.

Kind of Game

This gameplay presents you with a lot of combat ground. It makes you interested in seeing the game. Enjoy the bounce between its post-apocalyptic environment and whimsy.

You can experience how to start your game character. Then, you can manage your cat, including changing its appearance.

It exposes combat as well as enemy encounters. You may see various kinds of monsters in charge at Biomutant. All of them have bright fur with huge teeth.

You may use several types of vehicles during the game. Every move in the scene is worth it. Do not miss its chain combos, aerial spinning, and ground pounds.

It is an RPG formed with a Kung-Fu fable story. Its post-apocalyptic environment makes the game suitable for unusual vibes. It will be one of limited gameplay you can see.

This action RPG presents players with ambitious mutations. You can see the genetic changes many times. Your cat hero will experience it often.

It is also possible for players to craft new weapons and armor. The system enables them to custom it. Enjoy its gameplay demos which can be fairly linear.

The Game Story

The gameplay presents you with a unique world. Although you may experience a typical natural disaster, the game world was also destroyed. It involves you with an extensive oil flood from the ground.

It allows your character to act and take the decision. Your cat hero choices make a great impact during the game. You have a crucial task to save and unite the world.

The oil plague may threaten the Tree of Life. So, you must return the spirit of its world to the original. Curing Tree of Life in Biomutant can increase your chance to be the hero until the end.

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