Why You Should Play Nier: Replicant

Discover Nier: Replicant as one of the masterpieces. It presents you with a recent upgrade. It makes you experience the revived visual and a fascinating storyline.

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The Game Releasing Date

If you have ever played Nier Automata, you may be familiar with this gameplay. Nier Automata becomes the most amazing video game. Yet, most people may miss its prequel, called Nier.

Introduce you with Nier Replicant ver.1.22474487139 or just Nier Replicant. The game developer is Toylogic. It is the remake and remastered from 2010 the action role-playing game (RPG)

The game will be launched on April 23 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. It sets up the dreadful scene as in Automata. This version can make you experience a trippy and thrilling experience.

The Gameplay

You can name the character. It allows you to control the teenaged boy as the main character. Thus, the character can interact fully with all parts of the game.

You can experience a three-dimensional world by turning the camera near the character. It makes you see the surroundings in 360°. You can move freely during the game.

Be aware that your character will be attacked by enemies often in Nier: Replicant. They are monsters, including Shades, giant animals, and also robots. You have to defeat all of these enemies.

The Game Story

The plot starts with a protagonist character. He is a young man and kind that lives in a remote village. Then, he should take some effort to save Yonah, his sister.

Yonah is terminally ill caused by Black Scrawl. His brother carries a peculiar talking book called Grimoire Weiss. During the game, it can help him to find the Sealed Verses.

This protagonist character makes you experience its story. This young man presents you the plot of this game first. It makes you reveal the truth about it.

Prepare yourself in questioning everything. Fee its twisting tale in the dark. It is a terrifying journey.

He even meets some allies in this ruined world. It brings them to have a journey together. They have to face the sickness, as well as monstrous horrors.

Its mesmerizing soundtrack makes the game scarier. The song’s composer is Keiichi Okabe, and it was recently recorded by Nier Automata.

You have to fight against multiple dreadful enemies. Use your customized sword and mighty magic. Nier: Replicant allows you to custom the magic, skill, and weapon of your character.

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